Monday, August 30, 2010


rndu doe !
rndu kwn2 aq at skul lame..
how are they now ha??
miss them so freakin damn much..
they are all apart of my life!
I need them all in my life..
without them my life will fell lonely till forever..
aq rndu kat ain!!!
jasmin!! yuri!!! fatiha!! meera!!! nurin!!! oni!!! ama!!
n rmai agi!! they all my frens!!
n they also has make my life complete..
I use wif them..
but now we're far away..
I can't hear their tears,laughter,jokes anymore!
cuz we're far far away!!!
I miss them!!
they all are apart of my life!!
I felt like I lose my life,my soul!
but I've to get use wif my new frens..
ily my frens....
I will luvia till the end of my life!

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